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Win his killers and QBD plunder

Friday night's characteristic time is old school players Barrows BOY Run escape. Burroughs a giant fan, because the first laid his hand on the Vera helm, Barrows BOY the itinerary to his new personal record for chest. Check him out twitch. TV/Run escapes from 9 PM BST, on Friday April 11th.

On Saturday night (9 PM BST4 12) official RUNESCAPE twitch channel will be very happy to welcome the fleet as a characteristic of our time. You can not only win his killers and QBD plunder, the sky gets Rune Coins, XP lamp and members were taken. Even that may have special visitors or two. If there is anything, or do you want to see tic Run escape on the flow channel one, we are happy to listen to your opinion.

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