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You may be obtained game rewards in Runescape

The treasure chest will appear around the house every 10 minutes. You told HUD through a small game, have a found, you will have two minutes to get it, claiming that it spoils. They may include: Chocolate, teddy bears and night light: comfort, in order to reduce your fear level when using the item. Active ectoplasm: granted a temporary buff to events in the ghost you harm. Traces of evil: 5 of these will allow you to summon demonic spirits - you can face the most terrible, the most valuable spirits. Ectoplasmators: a rare opportunity to get this convenient project - the ghost of battle, this prayer to XP - if you don't already have one. Something congenial essence: this very rare material, can blend your ectoplasmator (or top-up already), to improve their ability. Other loot: including bones and seasonal dessert.

You will get each a ghost, you fire. Muncher or Death will give you in return for the following rewards: Ghost hunter's equipment: four pieces of mixed group to give extra damage and combat XP games outside of the combat of ghost. It's statistical increase in the level 50 and 70 defense. Cremation ability: the permanent unlock to talk on the bone on the ability of fire, to give you pray and Firemaking XP.

Fire danger of evil spirits, in order to earn as much as a cup a day and they spent the following prizes: The title of ghost hunters, the original package expression and Large XP lamp. Finally, you will unlock a dagger covered by the proto pack cosmetic, claw and crossbow, once you are fired 50 ghosts.

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