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You need to increase your defense 20

After I give you the road, you need to increase your defense 20. In your attack got 20. After reaching the expected attack and defense goals, increase your strength by 25, make sure you don't run out of Buy RS Gold your food, and if you are short, stop training and take some! I don't want to lose your gear. If you're in a bank in the nearest bank Falador ya, you're going to throw it into the village. At this point, if you haven't done it, I strongly recommend that you get better equipment. At this stage, you need to buy or fully with a shield, I come up with a machete or with your weapon tomahawk. If you have no money, I suggest you take the money as a way of earning money to make money. Once you get your head round aluminum. Once you have completed this task, you can move freely. Go to court, you hit your level 9 warrior aluminum.

When you attack a nearby guard guard will attack. Therefore, try to get through the place, one can hit you again. I want to say is, you get a complete armor and weapons adidas. You follow me to the sewer Adilu varrock. Here, you must attack 18 rabbit bones, just after the zombies to kill these bones, until you have reached at least 45. Don't forget to keep between your attack power switch, and kept close to the level of defense, may or do you want to do. I will focus on the Moss giants in Varrock sewer. As I said earlier attempts to completely break. It is usually a lot of MMORS RS 3 Gold players have a large part of the time. But he agreed to share the mouth if you don't want to try another world. I would say the construction once power, 5 level again, and then a conversion, I made you proud of juice. If you want another upgrade guide.

Tips on the RuneScape powerful warlords
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