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You plan to stay a killer task

Rapid presupposition is a simple way to equip them with gear often use loading, or is the necessities and skilling operation backpack. The best way to see how it works is to give it a try. Log in to the game and access to your bank. From there, fill your backpack and/or wear and tear of the inventory with you usually use the installation - gear up, if you plan to stay a killer task, for example, or if you are running the anvil forging.

From there, you can go to your current bag, wear inventory storage due to some of the preset one. You can then reload the default of any bank, click next to the default entry in the "load" icon. You can specify up to two even such "rapid load" option, access to the interface itself from the bank.

In this way, you can easily quickly equip you an adventure, your skilling will more smoothly than ever before. Everyone got the five default is broken, and two free players. If you find you need more, you can rent them - even in the limited time to buy more bonds directly using either integral or RuneCoins from the interface - is there a need to Solomon's general store.

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