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mmors tell you about Town wildcard

As with all new Dungeonering wildcard treasure hunter in-depth study dungeon this weekend.

From 00:00 UTC on September 03rd, till 23:59 UTC on September 7, Town wildcard victory - in yellow and orange gem slots to the underground city adventure along your help.

Wildcards can be considered Daemonheim, you can use one card for each floor. In use, the card will be the completion of your floor, you get 50% extra base XP and 50% of the extra-base token!

You can use each one card, they can work with your team may be used at the time of any team Gorajo card heap. Please note that these are not personal Gorajo card stack, you must choose one or other.

Wildcards will be from your bank in the list and 7 March 2016 to clean up, to give you six months to use these items!

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MMORS.COM tell you about Town wildcard
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