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runescape Dungeoneering Improvements

It takes an eclectically skilled set of adventurers to delve into Daemonheim, and having the right tool for the job at hand is essential. With this in mind, we’ve introduced some inventory management improvements for Dungeoneering, so sorting through your gear is simpler than ever.Another new feature in the Dungeoneering tool belt is the 'keys' category. This holds any keys picked up by yourself or members of your party. As long as someone in your party’s picked up a key, all members of the party can access it. runscape fanatics who wanna buy rs gold are like it.

runscape which can buy cheap rs gold.We’ve added a tool belt to be used in Dungeoneering. It comes ready-filled with every tool a dungeon delving hero needs, including a novite pickaxe and hatchet. You’ll be able to add better pickaxes and axes that you find, create or buy as you progress, and these will stay with you in all future dungeons. What’s more, if you find a pickaxe or hatchet that you don’t have the levels for yet, feel free to add it to your tool belt – it’ll act like the highest level equivalent you can use until you’ve attained the necessary level.

runescape features limbering
runescape best use of swordplay
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